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Was Designed With Carriers In Mind.

Shippers & Brokers Can Track Carriers
Freight & Cargo In Real Time Via GPS
From Origin To Destination Displaying
Longitude and Latitude & Time Stamps.

Carriers Can Provide Direct Shippers With
Access To Track Their Freight, As An Added
Benefit, When Trying To Establish A Long
Term Business Relationship.

Carriers Now Have Total Control When
Providing Access To Shippers & Brokers.
Carriers Will Have To Grant Permission
To Any Third Party Wanting To Track Them,
With The Ability To Put Their Location In
A Privacy Status, When They Don’t Want
Their Location Shared With A Third Party.

How Carriers Can Charge Brokers A Tracking Fee

  • Carriers Can Post Their Fee Schedule Per Load
  • Carriers Can Request An Increased Per Mile
  • Carriers Can Require Brokers To Pay In Advance
  • Carriers Can Add Tracking Fees To Their Invoices